Convent Life

The convent community in the Roman Catholic Church consists of women who share the same hopes and desires. These women are called “nuns or sisters”. Nuns live in Convents where they seek God through a life of prayer and work. Roman Catholic convents house over 800,000 women throughout the world.

The Roman Catholic Church is actively recruiting young women into these nunneries. Because of this, Catholic families ought to carefully examine what life is like within the convents of the Catholic Church before their daughters become involved. It seems that the Roman Catholic Church preys on the disillusionment of young women. Many nuns enter the convent after a broken relationship in either the home or in romance.

Dear reader, if you or your loved one is considering this lifestyle, I plead with you to look beneath the surface. Seek the wisdom that is from above and ask the Lord to show you if Scripture has anything to say on this subject. I would challenge you to study what the Catechism and the Bible teach about convent living. Please ask yourself; Is it right to remove oneself from ordinary existence, and live in a household of women only, in order to serve and please God?” “Can a lady be the bride of Jesus Christ?