The dignity and sanctity of marriage is highly respected by the faithful in the Roman Catholic Church as well as by professing Bible-believing Christians. However, there are many difficulties that arise when one applies Roman Catholic teaching to marriage. These problems stem from the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to have absolute authority over marriage. The Church of Rome has tried to seize institutional control over the act of marriage, exceeding that of even civil law. She has elevated marriage to a sacrament. One, which can only be administered by the Roman Catholic Church.

The life of the Catholic person is integrally woven into the sacramental system. According to the Catechism one’s spiritual vitality and eternal destiny pivots upon one’s ability to actively and accurately participate in these sacraments. In other words, one must take part in the sacraments to obtain salvation. This sacramental system is like falling dominos. When one topples a chain reaction starts, leading to eternal damnation if one is not faithful to obey the Catechism.

This is all very sad when one sees what havoc it creates in the lives of those who belong to the Catholic Church; and how much pain and difficulty it brings on those who are trying to live out their marriage under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church. Dear readers please come to the Scriptures and see what the Lord has said and find rest for your weary soul.