According to the Roman Catholic Church, the salvation of your soul is a long journey through her sacramental system.  On this journey the Roman Catholic Church is clearly the focal point, even defining herself as the fullness of your salvation.  In essence, your salvation can only, if ever, be granted through the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church’s sacraments are taught to be the necessary means of salvation with “sanctifying grace” seen as residing inside a person and granted to an individual as he or she participates in each sacrament.  As a Catholic, your efforts are always to increase the amount of “sanctifying grace” within you in order to be good enough so that when you die you might be delivered from the judgment of hell and at least to land for a time in purgatory. 

Under Roman Catholic teaching, the assurance of your salvation is never given, even to the most devout.  So coming to terms with your own salvation and honestly dealing with the true author of salvation must not be taken lightly.  You could not be asked a more serious question than this:  “if your were die today where would you spend eternity?”  Where can you find the correct answer?  It is with utmost seriousness that we ask you this.  Please do not be fooled by thinking that someday you will get right with the Church.  What you really need to know is how will you stand before the all Holy God, guilty or forgiven?  Consider the contrast between the Word of God and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.